Some of these tips may include affiliate links.  We only recommend products that we love and use ourselves. These affiliates allow us to create and offer value for free so if you like our content, consider supporting us. 

Banking Solutions

(Only available in Canada) 

Zero fees online banking that meets most of the everyday banking needs. We use Tangerine as our checking account. As per TFSA or high interest saving accounts, we prefer EQ bank as it offers more competitive rates. To receive a 50$ cash bonus when you sign up for Tangerine, use this code 61458994S1.

(Only available in Canada)

High interest saving account with zero monthly fees. There is also an option to open TFSA or RRSP account. 

  • Koho

(Only available in Canada)

Zero fee online bank in Canada. It comes with a reloadable visa card which you can use to earn 0.50% cashback on all purchases. Besides this, you earn high interest – on all the funds that you hold in KOHO account without any strings attached. We also love their credit-building tool. For a small fee of 7$/month KOHO reports to a credit bureau (Equifax) every month on your behalf for a period of 6 months. This way you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. If you use the code KNOL0VLR at signup, you can earn an extra 20$ bonus. 

Multi-currency Accounts and Cards

We love to use Wise or Revolut especially when we travel, shop online, or get paid in multiple currencies as digital nomads.

 (Available in 45+ countries) 

Multi-currency account that enables you to hold over 50 different currencies all in one place and pay anywhere in the world. What’s great about it is that you can exchange between multiple currencies with a real-time exchange rate. International transactions are much lower than other traditional banks. It also comes with a Wise Visa debit card and up to 3 optional virtual cards. Receive a fee-free transfer of up to 500 GDP (or equivalent in your currency) when signing up with this referral link 

(Available in 36+ countries) 

Revolut is an online banking app that offers excellent card and accounts for travelers and digital nomads. It works similar to  Wise and allows you to receive, exchange, and send payments in multiple currencies. 

Stock Investing

(Accepts clients from more than 220 countries and territories)

An advanced trading platform that provides access to numerous asset classes (including stocks, options, futures, and bonds) and exposure to foreign markets. Consistently voted the best trading platform available. No monthly fees if you sign up for Interactive Brokers lite + many stock purchases are commission-free.  Earn up to $1000 of IBKR Stock for free when you sign up here

  • Think Or Swim under TD Ameritrade (For Beginner to Advanced Traders)

(Mostly focused on US customers with a few exceptions)

An extremely user-friendly platform that offers a high-quality stock trading experience. Zero monthly fees and many stock purchases are commission-free. Opening an account can be a bit more difficult than other stock trading platforms. 

(Only available in Canada)

Option for individuals looking to start their stock + crypto trading journey.  Limited asset classes and small exposure to foreign markets.  User-friendly platform but has delayed price updates so not great for more experienced traders.  Get two free stocks at sign up with this link


Flight Booking 

Both of these are great tools to find reasonable deals on flight tickets. 

Travel Insurance 

  • True Traveller

(Available for UK and EU residents) 

True Traveller offers flexible & reasonably priced travel insurance including packages for last-minute travelers and backpackers. However, True Traveller is only available for UK and EU residents. For people from other countries, we recommend World Nomads. 

  • World Nomads

(Available for 130+ countries)

A simple and flexible travel insurance company based in Australia offers cover for residents from over 130 countries including trip cancellations, interruptions or delays. 

(Only available to residents of the European Economic Area – EEA)

What makes this insurance stand out is that you can pay per day for the duration of your travels. You also have an option to purchase longer-term policies if you’re traveling to multiple countries. You can customize your insurance depending on your needs. If you upgrade for Revolut Premium or Metal, you can get their travel insurance included. 


  • Airbnb


Airbnb is a flexible platform that lets property owners rent out their spaces. Compared to traditional hotel rooms, a lot of Airbnb rentals come also with a kitchen and laundry. You can find plenty of budget-friendly options. Some of them are truly unique such as tree houses or tiny houses! 

Car Rental

  • Turo

(Available in Canada, US, and the UK)

Turo is a cheap renting car alternative that lets you book the cars directly from their owners. Car rental options can range from standard Toyota to Tesla. Overall, you can find much better deals than with standard car rental companies. You can use your own insurance or buy coverage from Turo for a reasonable price. 


Binance is the largest and most extensive crypto exchange in the world. It grants you access to numerous cryptocurrencies. You can buy crypto with your card or P2P exchange and earn interest in selected cryptocurrencies.  If you are looking for access and a wide array of functionality then this is a great solution. To sign up click here

Celcius provides amazing interest returns on crypto holdings.  It essentially works similar to a bank savings account but provides far greater returns.   Interest on stable coins is 8.5 – 10.73%.  You have flexible and immediate access to funds invested.  One of the more ‘secure’ options within the crypto world. 

  • Bitrefil

A platform that allows you to use your crypto to buy numerous products and services around the world in the form of gift cards.  This is especially useful who individuals who prefer to keep their funds in Crypto and still have a way of spending it without having to convert it back into fiat currency.

The visa card offers a convenient solution to transact using your crypto for day-to-day purchases.  Beyond this, you can also earn some quite impressive benefits.  It is essentially a cryptocurrency ‘hybrid’ card – similar to a debit card but offers benefits similar to a traditional credit card. You can also earn high interest on selected crypto that you hold within your account. Receive a $25 bonus at sign up with this referral link

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